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Metrics Overview

GrowthZone's Metrics will provide useful tracking and logging information for several areas in your GrowthZone software.

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IMPORTANT: The Metrics Module must be enabled in order to provide statistics tracking and page logging. Contact Support if further information is needed.

InfoHub Resource Tracking

Resources that are accessed in the Info Hub will be recorded so staff can view the following:

  • the most popular resource,
  • which contacts or organization are using resources,
  • which resources they have accessed and when.

There is a Resources Accessed by Contact report to provide the global perspective on download stats.

You’ll also get a quick glance at an individual or organizations’ usage via a line graph on the Engagement tab, with ability to click-in to view the specific item, date/time download, and resource category.

Page View Logging

Page View Logging will track and report:

  • The number of views of the Contacts' details page in the directory
  • The number of times the link to their external website is clicked
    • from the directory search results
    • from their details page

Stats will be included on the contact's Engagement tab.

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